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Any person leaving on the Earth on conditions that he or she is involved with media industry.

You Actor profile can be registered form your birth. But if you haven’t turned 18, you can be registered only by your official representative (guardian), or an agent who has a signed agreement with your official representative.

In all the suspicious cases Kinolift has the right to request necessary document copies (a passport copy of an official representative, a copy of the signed agreement with the representative, etc.)

Given that you have filed all the parts of your profile, the process of moderation may take from 2 hours up to 2 days.

All your profile updates have to undergo another moderation, which may take from 2 hours to 2 days.

Check your SPAM and PROMOTIONS folders.
If you haven’t found an email form our customer support service, write us at : support@kinolift.com
Pay attention to the fact that there are regular problems with mail delivery to @ukr.net and @yahoo.com or mistyped email addresses.

We recommend you creating new accounts at other email services.

You may have left the page before getting a text message, or this phone number has already been used and confirmed.
Try one more time.
If you still have this problem, write us at support@kinolift.com and insert a screenshot with the error.

Please, copy a phone number of this dubious employer and send it to us, clarifying the essence of that inappropriate offer.
Well will try to quickly puzzle out what is happening.
The screenshot will be a fast track to getting your problem resolved.
Don’t hesitate!
Write at support@kinolift.com

Kinolift bonus is a user reward within the service and can be spent only on Kinolift website. Bonuses never expire.

You can use bonuses to pay for any service provided by Kinolift, except for paying for tariff plans. Bonuses can be used to pay for special events, organized by the partners of our service, in case you register for those events through Kinolift.

For Actors

Please, follow Photoguide recommendations Photoguide

There are several reasons for your profile being blocked. Either information in your profile is not valid (e.g. Your main photo is outdated) or you haven’t confirmed your phone number or email address, or you haven’t completed your profile yet.

In your Actor profile, go to Agent tab, there is a window CHECK AN AGENT where you need to type your agent’s email address. If the agent is registered on Kinolift, you will be offered to delegate your profile management to your agent.

If you haven’t got an agent yet and you are currently looking for one, tick the box “Looking for Agent”

Kinolift sends you casting calls that conform to the parameters of your profile. We never SPAM. If a casting director indicates an acting age 10-15, we will never send it to Kinolift users who are 20+. The more complete your profile is, the more chances you have to receive Castings

Kinolift just informs its users about Castings. All other actions fully depend on responsible attitude of the users who posted Castings.

If you have confirmed your participation in the audition, it is automatically transferred to “Waiting for Reply” tab.
If can’t see a casting call in two cases:
1) Casting was deleted by Casting Director or
2) Its duration ended.

For Agents and Talent agencies

Go to the My Actors tab, click New Actor, and fill out his/her profile.

Casting calls for actors appear in My Actors tab

Click on Search in your profile and choose actors that are currently looking for agents. Use filters and offer better options for cooperation.

Yes. You can get acquainted with the tariff plan for agents by clicking on link

 Plan for Agents 

In Actor Profile, go to Agent tab, there is a window Check an Agent where an actor needs to type his/her agent’s email address. If the agent is registered on Kinolift, the actor will be offered to delegate a profile management to his/her agent.

Casting PRO

It is your professional tool, helping you create casts for unlimited number of projects at one and the same time.
You can work in Kinolift from any part of the world where you have an internet connection. You can share every created project with your colleagues – send it via email, print or Share online.

This is everyone who is professionally looking for actors in their projects: casting directors, independent directors, producers.

Yes, you can. Go to CastBoard tab, choose the project where you want to add an actor, click on “+” and in an empty cell add Guest actor (you can upload a photo of a guest actor from the phone or computer)

A casting can be blocked due to several reasons:

1. The duration of your casting is less than one working day.

2. Terms and conditions of the casting are inappropriate and can be offensive or disrespectful to actors.

3. Agents or actors reported on you.

To see all the actors of a specific agency you need to click on by Agent in Actors search tab.

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