PHOTOGUIDE to create or choose the main photo for Kinolift profile

Profiles with main photos that do not meet the
requirements of PHOTOGUIDE won’t undergo moderation.

Examples of good photos
Kinolift profile

Main photo

Be natural

Head Size

The head should be between
50% and 70% of the image’s total height. 


Choose a plain, monochrome background, neutral lighting


Minimum photo width 720px
Photo sides ratio 2 to 3
Other formats will be cropped

Additional photos

When you take or choose any additional photos, follow the same rules


Choose a plain, one-color background, neutral lighting. Be yourself, wear neat clothes. Don’t cover your face with anything. Don’t pose too much.

Example of photos that are not acceptable

Foreign objects in the shot

Visual drawbacks

Active background

Choose a plain, one-color, calm background

“Too much acting” face.

Overly emotional facial expression. Can’t see the face (shadow). The size of the head is too small for the main photo. Bright clothes with prints.

Active background

Can see the face (melts into the active background). Too much photoshop (vignette, too dark). Active color filter misrepresents reality.

Facial expression

“Too much acting” facial expression. Headwear. The hands are in the shot and cover the face. Too close, the head is cropped.

Film shot

Wrong height-to-width aspect ratio, a film shot. Hands and foreign objects in the shot distract attention and cover the face. 

An actor’s photo should be objective reality, but not a way of a photographer’s self-expression

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